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Kate Orman
News From the House of Sticks
Tags Guide 
14th-Sep-2009 09:08 am
For my own amusement I use rather silly livejournal tags which I'm sure are largely incomprehensible to everyone else. Here's a quick guide for anyone who would actually like to find stuff in my lj using the tags. (It also gives me a chance to tidy them up a bit. Plus I need to add links to the list below.) Questions and suggestions welcome.

Doctor Who
boys: david tennant, boys: john simm, boys: john barrowman, doctor who, doctor who novels, the adventures of foetus boy (Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor), torchwood, writers: ben aaronovitch, writers: russell t. davies

Science Fiction
dial double zero, doctor who, doctor who novels, feminist science fiction, movies, science fiction, torchwood, tv: ashes to ashes, tv: bsg, tv: life on mars, tv: science ninja team gatchaman, tv: star trek, tv: war of the worlds, writers: ben aaronovitch, writers: iain m. banks, writers: larry niven

fanboy vs fangirl (gender and fandom), fandom, fanfic

Pop Culture
comics, death note, dial double zero, extreme old age (childhood recollections), great mysteries of life (hazy childhood recollections), movies, music, obvious drug references, prog rock dinosaur (rush, yes, genesis, elp, etc), tv (shows without their own tags), tv: buffy etc, tv: green wing, tv: highlander, tv: house, tv: takin over the asylum, tv: the a-team, tv: top gear apparently

Religion and Mythology
ancient civilisations, grace, mythology, religion, religion: ave pomona (Separation of Church and State, mutual respect between believers and non-believers), religion: bible, religion: islam and women, religion: occult plilosophy (Wicca and magic), religion: tehology (theology), religion: that's very buddhist vyvyan (Buddhism), religion: the view from babylon (Neo-Paganism), science vs religion not, writers: richard dawkins

boycott gloria jean's, debunking, domestic violence, feh muh nist (feminism), feminist science fiction, gender, homer sexuality (queer issues), podge (fat), rape and sexual assault, reproductive freedom, same taxes same marriage rights (gay marriage), sex education, sex work, religion: islam and women, transgender, why women choose abortion, women tell the truth (debunking the myth that women frequently falsely report rape)

Current Affairs
anti-semitism, australia, bullying, debunking, eco-mentalism (environmentalism), ginger ninjas (redheads), good causes, guantanamo bay, homelessness, indigenous australians, international blog against racism week, islamophobia, killing (war, terrorism), melanin (race and racism), nukes, operation cast lead, pollie tix (politics), refugees and asylum seekers, religion: islam and women, torture

Books and Reading
book-mucking, books read/bought/borrowed, books: brief tour human consciousness, books: sex and suits, poetry, writers: ben aaronovitch, writers: george orwell, writers: giacomo casanova, writers: hunter s. thompson, writers: iain m. banks, writers: jane austen, writers: larry niven, writers: martin amis, writers: niall griffiths, writers: oliver sacks, writers: richard dawkins, writers: russell t. davies

books: brief tour human consciousness, debunking, eco-mentalism (environmentalism), it's the mind, it's the mind: chess and crosswords etc, it's the mind: synaesthesia, oh shi- (the Large Hadron Collider), science, science vs religion not, science: evolution, science: try astrobiology (life on other planets), science: try biology (life sciences), writers: oliver sacks, writers: richard dawkins

boys, boys: awe-inspiring conks, boys: convenient handbag size men (Bryan Dick, Richard Hammond), boys: david tennant, boys: john simm, boys: john barrowman, boys: paul mcgann, boys: philip glenister, ginger ninjas (redheads), girls, snape

Online Conflict
debunking, how very dare you, racewank '07 (aka marthagate), the gentle art of disputation

fanfic, terrible poetry, words words words (vocabulary, etymology, languages), writing, writing advice, writing: accelerated dragon (quiet game), writing: all mimsy were the borogoves, writing: black sky mining, writing: chicks dig time lords, writing: pepper, writing: strange flesh, writing: strawberry peppermint, writing: the rest, writing: vgt, writing: white on white, writing: wild honey (earth park)

art, bric a brac (links), cats, cuteology, food, macros, mini-vehicles (children), photos, picspam, quotes, youtube, rubbish at geography, teenage art, terrors of the breakfast table (dreams and nightmares), the mother country (Anglophilia), world travel

My Health
a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock (Jan 2010 breakdown), health: diabetes, health: drugs and more drugs (medications), health: innertube (Crohn's disease), health: mental elf (depression, anxiety disorders), health: screaming terror (panic anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, phobias), health: self harm, health: sleep (sleep apnoea, insomnia), podge (fat)

Livejournal and Internet
icons, intersplat (internet), livejournal, macros, memes, puter-rubbing (computers), youtube
14th-Sep-2009 01:39 pm (UTC)
ah, tagsonomy
15th-Sep-2009 04:12 am (UTC)
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