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Kate Orman

News From the House of Sticks

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I've switched journals to dreamer_easy.

Kate Orman has written or co-written 13 Doctor Who novels (many of them with her husband Jonathan Blum aka jblum). Kate's most recent publication is the short story "Red Handed" in Torchwood Magazine issue 24, October 2010. Jon and Kate's Doctor Who novella Fallen Gods won the 2003 Aurealis award for best Australian SF novel. Kate's original short story Cactus Land got an honourable mention in The Year's Best Science Fiction for 2000. Jon and Kate live in Sydney with their two cats.

I have a few side journals for some of my interests. As seeingred (mothballed at the mo) I'm exploring race, racism, and Doctor Who. ikhet_sekhmet is my workbook for thealogy, the study of goddesses. And door_of_time (only occasionally updated) is for colours, art, and synaesthesia.

Please note: I don't read anonymous lj comments. (I don't even know they've been posted! My email filter deletes the notifications without my knowing anything about it.)
neither defiled, nor immaculate